Extracurricular Activities at HSA

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Holy Spirit Academy is committed to forming each student as a whole person, body and soul. We are pleased to offer both a variety of clubs and in-house extracurriculars, and now selective competitive sports. Our Drama, Music, and Art programs cultivate a love of the beautiful in the fine arts. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, we are offering competitive sports through the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL), in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Charter School in Otsego, MN.  MSHSL sports currently include Girl's Volleyball and Boys Basketball.

1. Drama Program - Shakespeare
2. Mock Trial
3. Boy's Basketball (MSHSL)
4. Girl's Volleyball (MSHSL)
5. Golf Club

6. Chess Club
7. Yearbook Club
8. Cross Country
9. Music service at St. Ben's Nursing Home
10. Parent Book Club
11. Ski Outings
12. Ambassadors for Life - Pro Life Club
13. Student Council
14. Swing and Irish Dancing
15. Fencing Club
16. Reading & Writing Clubs
17. Senior Trip
18. & More!

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